Flexible payments
for rental businesses.

Enabling rental businesses to easily offer branded flexible payment options to their customers.

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Offer flexible payments to customers. Effortlessly.

Instant account issuance

Allow your customers to open a charge account on your website in under 5 minutes. Hell yeah!

Smart risk protection

Our platform helps you mitigate the risk of missed payments so you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

No technical skills needed

Let us do the heavy lifting. Leverage our pre-built solutions to launch in just weeks with no sweat!

Branded for you

With our platform you can easily and quickly launch your own branded payment options.

Build and launch your own charge accounts.

Lightning fast setup

Your customers can open a charge account in a matter of minutes and link their bank account for seamless recurring payments.

See how it works

Intuitive customer portal

Let your customers easily view their invoices, query charges and manage their account all from within your branded customer portal.

See how it works

We are removing barriers to access services more flexibly.

At FlexClub we believe anyone should have the payment flexibility to access more services online whenever they need them. Car subscription services in South Africa just happen to be our starting point.

Unlocking payment flexibility in the car rental industry is difficult though. Why? Because car rental companies depend on legacy credit infrastructure built for people with credit cards.

Why credit cards? Because credit cards are currently the easiest way for rental companies to get the protection they need against risk.

So how do we solve this? We enable rental companies to offer customers their own branded flexible payment options through a single platform without upfront costly development or operational complexity.

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